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Eco Initiatives

As an industry leader dedicated to responsible operations everywhere we do business, our goal is to drive operational excellence while continuing our long-standing commitment to reduce our hotels’ environmental impact.

Our Environmental Responsibilities

From coast to coast, company-wide we have challenged ourselves to reduce energy use through conservation and to employ energy efficiency techniques; all while continuing to deliver consistently superior quality and service to you. Travel and tourism is one of the largest industries in the world. We contribute over 10 percent of the global GDP in excess of 200 million jobs worldwide.

Green Key Program

We are proud to announce that all our hotels across Canada have been awarded Green Keys for actively supporting the energy and environmental initiative through the Hotel Association of Canada (HAC) Green Key Program.

The criteria for each level are as follows:

  • 1 Green Key
    A hotel that has taken steps to reduce environmental impacts by analyzing its operations and identifying opportunities for improvement. An action plan focusing on resource conservation and waste minimization has been established, and is supported by a firm commitment to continual improvement.
  • 2 Green Keys
    A hotel that has taken considerable strides to identify environmental impacts and implement policies and programs to minimize its ecological footprint. A firm commitment to continual improvement has resulted in programs and actions that have shown effective results.
  • 3 Green Keys
    A hotel that has taken significant steps to protect the environment. Strong environmental programs, best management practices, training programs, and engineering solutions have been implemented which have benefited the environment and the local community.
  • 4 Green Keys
    A hotel that has shown national industry leadership and commitment to protecting the environment through wide ranging policies and practices. Hotel has mature programs in place that involve management, employees, guests, and the public, and which have shown substantial and measurable results.
  • 5 Green Keys
    A hotel that exemplifies the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility throughout all areas of operations. The hotel employs cutting edge technologies, policies, and programs which set the international standard for sustainable hotel operations.